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iPhonelinux is a project which goals are to port linux on the iPhone and make a Free (free software) OS alternative to the Apple proprietary "iPhone OS".

iPhonelinux is not actually a hack/exploit neither an unlock, but it is based on the Pwnage exploit.

There are three steps in the iPhonelinux roadmap : oPeniBoot, linux kernel and long term (GUI, phone...)


The Goals of OpeniBoot is to run low-level code, to have low and critical drivers (nand and nor driver, NVRAM...), debugger and developpement environment (chainloading, upgrading itself and USB mass storage).


A linux Bootloader, a working linux kernel (just a question of cross-compiler), porting drivers, run wifi and command line thru SSH.

Long-Term Plans

Multi-touch driver, Baseband driver, port X server and create an SDK. Then have a viable alternative of the iPhone OS.