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In this page, you'll find some Baseband Commands. You can use them with Minicom 2.2, that can be found on Cydia.
==Setting up Minicom 2.2==
# After installing Minicom from Cydia, make sure the folder /usr/etc exists. SSH into your iPhone and then, type: ''minicom -s''.
# Now, select ''Serial Port Setup'' in the Menu and press Enter. Then, press "a" and set Serial Device to ''/dev/tty.debug''.
# Press Esc, and in the Main Menu, select ''Save setup as dfl''. Now, select "exit".
# To run minicom using ssh, just run minicom -w
==Running Minicom 2.2 from MobileTerminal==
'''Note''': minicom does work on MobileTerminal only on root (use su) and only after it has been configured (through the steps above).
# Open MobileTerminal.
# Run the command su, enter your root password (default alpine) and then run minicom -w.
# To exit minicom, slide your finger on the screen ("gesture") to the bottom right (if you haven't changed this setting in MobileTerminal settings), then press A, X and enter.
==How to run Baseband Commands==
First, run Minicom. Then, type "at" and press Enter. Then, you can type the command that you want, have fun.
==Baseband Commands==
===Getting Information===
* '''at+xgendata''': Display some baseband informations
* '''at&v''': Display the profiles in the Baseband (Active Profile, Stored Profile 0 and Stored Profile 1)
* '''at+clac''': Show some baseband commands
* '''at&h''': Show more Baseband Commands
* '''at+clck''': Traditional unlock command
* '''at+xlock''': Wildcard unlock
* '''at+xsimstate''': Print lock state (write at+xsimstate=1 to turn on, at+xsimstate=0 to turn off)
* '''at+cmgf''': SMS operating mode (at+cmgf=0 - PDU, at+cmgf=1 - text)
* '''at+cmgs''': Send SMS (write at+cmgs="[PHONE NUMBER]"[ENTER][MESSAGE][CTRL-Z] while [ENTER] is an enter (\r\n) and [CTRL-Z] is ASCII 26)

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