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[[File:Watch.jpg|right|thumb|Apple Watch]]
[[File:Watch.jpg|right|thumb|Apple Watch]]
The '''Apple Watch''' is a [[wikipedia:smartwatch|smartwatch]] that was first introduced by [[wikipedia:Tim Cook]] at Apple's "Wish we could say more" [[keynote]] on {{date|2014|09|09|abbr=false}}.
The '''Apple Watch''' is a [[wikipedia:smartwatch|smartwatch]] that was first introduced by [[wikipedia:Tim Cook|Tim Cook]] at Apple's "Wish we could say more" [[keynote]] on {{date|2014|09|09|abbr=false}}.
== Application Processor ==
== Application Processor ==

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Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch that was first introduced by Tim Cook at Apple's "Wish we could say more" keynote on 9 September 2014.

Application Processor

This device uses the new Apple S1 processor which is based on the ARMv7k (32-bit) architecture. Internally, the watch is referred to as n27aap (Watch1,1) or n28aap (Watch1,2).


Operating System

The Apple Watch runs a slimmed down version of iOS 8. The user interface is managed by "Carousel" (instead of Springboard). Most frameworks are replaced with "Nano" equivalents.


  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Sport
  • Apple Watch Edition

Third-party applications

Watch apps.jpg

Third-party applications are supported through the WatchKit API. However, in order to save battery and allow a less powerful processor, applications are "run" on the phone and streamed to the Watch over Bluetooth. iOS 8.2 (and up) comes with a dedicated "Watch" app to perform the initial pairing and download third-party "Watch apps".

Announced third-party apps include (but are not limited to):

  • American Airlines (B06)
  • BMW
  • City Mapper (E10)
  • Comedy Central (A04)
  • Facebook
  • HoneyWell (B07)
  • Lutron (C07)
  • Major League Baseball (C10)
  • Nike+
  • Pinterest (D07)
  • Starwood Hotels (C02)
  • Twitter (A07)
  • Yahoo (D06)