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Firmware of an iPhone Prototype discussed on Mac Rumors. Based on /private/var/db/dyld/update-prebinding-paths.txt this release is called Alpine Build 1A420.


Instead of it being done through a ramdisk, the restore tools seem all to be right there in the OS, This is probably because they originally did restores through userland.


  • The iPhone Prototype came with 03.06.01_G[1]
  • The firmware dump comes (in /usr/local/standalone/firmware/) with 03.06.00

Flashing 03.06.00 on a retail iPhone can be done with bbupdater, but results in loss of Carrier Network connectivity.

Kernel Caches

In /System/Library/Caches/, there are kernels for other CPUs, such as S5I3000, S5L8900XFPGA and Freescale MX31. This is probably because Apple did not know which one to use at the time, and/or they had different prototypes with different CPUs in them.