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xCon is a collaborative project by n00neimp0rtant and Lunatik that aims to be an all-in-one solution for hooking every known method and function responsible for informing an application of a jailbroken device. At first, the project aimed to patch applications on a per-app basis, but now it uses lower-level hooks to cover any apps that attempt to use the same procedure, even patching apps not explicitly reversed by the developers. Originally an open-source project, it remains closed-source now to discourage App Store developers from working around xCon's hooks.

xCon is available free of charge in Cydia. No configuration is needed; just install and go.

For general infos, see Bypassing Jailbreak Detection.

App Patching Status

You can find an app's current release version in its iTunes listing page, linked below in the app names. If an app's current release version is newer than the "Last Confirmed Working Version," please help by testing it out yourself with the latest release of xCon and updating the table as necessary.

ATTENTION: If you are going to edit this chart, do NOT just put a question mark for or leave blank the Bundle Identifier. You can find the bundle ID of any app by looking in its Info.plist file. This saves the devs both time and effort, and it also helps the devs filter patches on a per-app basis, making your phone or iPad run faster and more stable.

App Name Bundle Identifier Patched? Last Confirmed Working Version Notes
Airwatch MDM com.air-watch.agent No 3.0.8 Workaround available.
Amazon Instant Video ? Yes 1.0
Ankimobile net.ichi2.anki No N/A
Barclays Mobile Banking uk.co.barclays.bmbappstore No N/A Detects jailbreak with an RG22 error.
Barclays PingIt uk.co.barclays.PingIt No 1.0.2 1.0.2 no-longer supported by Barclays
Bamboo Wallet ? No 7.5.4
Cablevision Optimum com.cablevision.rDVR Yes 2.1.2
Cablevision Optimum (iPad) com.cablevision.iOTV Yes 2.1.1
Capital One UK com.ukcapitalone.capitalone Yes 5.1
Chrome com.google.chrome.ios Yes 25.0.1364.86
CIMB Clicks com.cimb.CIMB Yes 05.10.03 Works with V39 beta 7
Commbank Kaching au.com.commbank.kaching Yes 1.1.0
Cox TV Connect com.cox.ios.ipad.tvconnect No 1.0.1
DirecTV for iPad com.directv.mobile.ipad.navigator.production Yes 1.3.4-1.5.0
DIRECTV com.directv.DTViPhone No
DirecTV Nomad com.directv.mobile.iphone.nomad.production Yes 2.0.1
DKB-pushTAN de.dkb.pushtan No Error message on startup.
DStv Mobile Decoder com.multichoice.DStvMobileDVBH No 1.01.07
Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile com.entrust.IdentityGuardSoftToken No N/A
Flixster/Movies/Ultraviolet com.jeffreygrossman.moviesapp No 5.22
Golden Screen Cinemas com.sinodynamic.gsc Yes 1.4
Good For Enterprise com.good.gmmiphone No 1.9.10 App works but admin console still reports jailbreak.
iBooks com.apple.iBooks No ? Patch available in Cydia.
KB star com.kbstar.kbbank No 1.14.1
KB starPlus com.kbstar.starplus No 1.2.0
LOVEFiLM Player for iPad com.lovefilm.watchnow.ipad No 1.0
Maxis Movies com.maxis.moviebooking Yes 1.1.6
Maxis Movies (iPad) com.maxis.moviebookingipad Yes 1.1.2
McAfee EMM com.trustdigital.iTDClient No 4.7.1
MobileIron MyPhone@Work com.mobileiron.phoneatwork No 4.5.12
Quickflix au.com.quickflix.streaming Yes ?
Repudo com.repudo.iphone v39 b3 3.2.2
Redbox Instant by Verizon com.ctlabs.redboxinstant No 1.0.2
Skype com.skype.skype Yes 3.7
Sky Go com.bskyb.skygo No 2.2 After updating the app it is now reporting "Streaming is unavailable on jailbroken devices"
Square com.squareup.square Yes 2.2.5
Telus Optik TV com.telus.nscreen Yes 1.1.2
TiVo ? v39 b7
TV live de la Orange com.orange.TVOrange Yes 1.0
TWC TV com.timewarnercable.simulcast Yes 2.6.1
Verizon Media Manager com.verizon.ams.flexview No
Voddler com.voddler.VoddlerHD Yes 1.2.1
WhatsApp net.whatsapp.WhatsApp Yes 2.6.10 Support button blocked