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/* User:thekirbylover's JS for The iPhone Wiki; feel free to use any or all of this
 * To use on your own PC: install Greasemonkey (Tampermonkey or Blank Canvas on Chrome)
 * and add a script that loads on and enter the following in the text box: 
 * importScript("User:thekirbylover/skin.js")

// Default preferences - set yours in the userscript
    debug:true, // debug logging (can be overridden with debug=true in URL)
    ajax:true, // ajax interface
    share:true // share button

        console.log("IW:Debug: logging turned on via debug=true parameter");
    var console="console" in window?console:{},_console=console,console.log=function(){
        arguments[0]="IW:Debug: "+arguments[0];
        return _console&&_console.log&&iphonewiki.debug?_console.log.apply(this,arguments):false;
        arguments[0]="IW:Warning: "+arguments[0];
        return console&&console.warn&&iphonewiki.debug?_console.warn.apply(this,arguments):false;
        arguments[0]="IW:Error: "+arguments[0];
        return console&&console.error&&iphonewiki.debug?_console.error.apply(this,arguments):false;
    console.log("beta theme javascript loading");
        console.log("loading history.js");
                    console.log("history.js loaded");
        console.log("loading share link");
        $("<li><a id=addthis_button class=addthis_button href='//'>Bookmark and Share</a></li>").appendTo("#p-tb ul");
        console.log("share link loaded");