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I am Unix-Like system programmer, mainly Linux. I speak and code in English and German. I came from the PSP scene under several names, but those aren't important. I left due to the piracy and Team GEN. I plan on making simple little tools and games for the iDevice community.

I am working on starting another team just for improving and re-releasing already released software. In order for me to start this I need volunteer developers to go open source to let us help. I believe Jailbreaking should be mainly used for 3rd party apps and tools.


I also believe we need to clean up the image and get current devs to fight against Apple and current developers on Cydia to strenghthen their security against piracy. I don't want the iPhone to be the next PSP.

I only know a few programming languages, but my strongest is Java. If anyone is interested in helping or donating please contact me at my public email (current username) Feel free to IM me if I am on.