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This is my main [http://twitter.com/JacobVengeance Twitter]
I am Unix-Like system programmer, mainly Linux.
[[N81AP|iPod touch 4G]]
I am working on starting another team just for improving and re-releasing already released software. In order for me to start this I need volunteer developers to go open source to let us help. I believe Jailbreaking should be mainly used for 3rd party apps and tools.
I also believe we need to clean up the image and get current devs to fight against Apple and current developers on Cydia to strenghthen their security against piracy. I don't want the iPhone to be the next PSP.
I only know a few programming languages, but my strongest is Java. If anyone is interested in helping or donating please contact me at my public email (current username) @live.com. Feel free to IM me if I am on.

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This is my main Twitter


iPod touch 4G