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Moderator on Flex Cloud, /r/jailbreak/, /r/iOSthemes/, /r/LegacyJailbreak/, /r/FlexTweak/, /r/hbang/, /r/TweakIdeas/, /r/iBetas/ and /r/Chariz. HASHBANG Productions and Chariz member. Admin here. If you would like an account, feel free to email or tweet me. I know some CSS, HTML, C#, Java and a small bit of JavaScript. I have also contributed to the mobile website of JailbreakQA and here.

iOS Devices

Device Variant Colour Storage Firmware Build Jailbroken? Purpose
iPhone iPhone1,1 Silver/Black 4GB 1.0 1A543a Yes Fun
iPhone 4 iPhone3,1 Black 16GB 7.1.2 11D257 Testing
iPhone 6s iPhone8,1 Space Grey 10.2 Beta 3 14C5077b No Main

Operating Systems

OS Device Version
macOS MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 Sierra (10.12.2 Beta)
Windows Boot Camp 10 (Pro)
Debian VPS 7.11
iOS See the iOS Devices table above.

Gaming Consoles

Brand Device Colour
Sony PS4 Pro (1TB) Black
Nintendo 3DS Aqua
Gameboy Advance Silver

Tweaks I've Made

Name Description iOS Supported
MusicRotate Enable rotation in iOS 8.4 Music app. 8.4
NoMusicRotate Disable rotation in Music app. 7.0 - 9.1
NoTrending Remove "trending searches" section in App Store and iTunes Store. 8.4 - 9.3.3

I also twerk hella hard. Not tweak, twerk. on saurik's dick. britta swallows his loads afterwards

Flex Patches I've Made

Name Description
Disable Blur On Switcher Homescreen Preview Disables blur on homescreen preview (first icon in switcher).
Fullscreen For Dropbox Shows fullscreen on Dropbox app.
Fullscreen For eBay Shows fullscreen on eBay app.
Fullscreen For ECB Cricket Shows fullscreen on ECB Cricket app.
Fullscreen For Gumtree Shows fullscreen on Gumtree app.
Gumtree No Ads Disable adverts in Gumtree app.
No Spotlight Completely disable spotlight on iOS 9.
No Switcher Banner Disable banner in app switcher on iOS 9.
OSN Play No Jailbreak Detection Bypass the jailbreak detection on OSN Play.
TestFlight No Junk Remove Apple ID button and terms and conditions.