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[[N48AP|iPhone 5C:]] Yellow. On iOS 10.2.1 (Jailed).
[[N48AP|iPhone 5C:]] Yellow. On iOS 10.2.1 (Jailed).

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About Me

I like to code stuff... C is my favourite language (Alongside it's childs).

Devices I Own

iPod 2G, New BootROM: On iOS 3.1.2 (Via Sn0wbreeze).

iPod 3G: On iOS 4.1 (Jailbroken via limera1n).

iPod 4G: On iOS 5.1.1 (Jailbroken via Absinthe)

iPod 6: On iOS 10.3.2 (Jailed).

iPhone 4S: On iOS 6.1.3 (Jailbroken via P0sixspwn).

iPhone 5C: Yellow. On iOS 10.2.1 (Jailed).