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(My Page :D)
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| Silver
| Silver
| 8GB
| 8GB
| 4.0
| 4.2
| {{no}}
| {{no}}
| Main device
| Main device

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Just a random guy on the internet, nothing to see here...

iOS devices

Device Variant Color Storage Firmware Jailbroken? Notes
iPod touch (4th generation) iPod4,1 White 8GB 6.1.6 Yes My first iDevice. Now used for PWNing
iPhone 3G iPhone1,2 Black 16GB 3.1.3 Yes Pretty much useless, occasionally used for PWNing
iPhone 4 iPhone3,3 Black 16GB 7.1.2 Yes Testing device, usually used for PWNing
iPhone 4S iPhone4,1 Black 16GB 9.3.5 Yes Kloader victim
iPhone 4S iPhone4,1 Black 16GB 9.3.5 No Dead baseband :(
iPhone 5s iPhone6,1 White 16GB 10.3.3 No Spare device
iPhone 5s iPhone6,1 White ??GB 11.1 No iCloud Locked :(
iPhone 6s iPhone8,1 Gold 64GB 11.2 No Main device
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) iPad6,3 Gold 128GB 11.2 No Main device
Apple Watch (1st generation) Watch1,2 Silver 8GB 4.2 No Main device

Into Apple Internal stuff, mainly firmwares and prototype devices. Jailbreaking and beta software are also things that I mess around with.

You can usually find me lurking in the Factory Firmware section of this wiki (or anything else Apple Internal related).