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In order to create an account on The iPhone Wiki, you must e-mail some information (a desired username) to certain power users (called "administrators"). The administrator you contacted will use this information, as well as your e-mail address, to create your account. As with all e-mail messages, they will be saved until the recipient (in this case, the administrator) chooses to delete the e-mail.

The e-mail address that you supply to The iPhone Wiki will be used for password retrieval, and messages/notifications that you request. (These notifications can be enabled or disabled at will on your preferences.) The e-mail address you choose to share with The iPhone Wiki will not be given to third parties, unless you choose to do so on your user page, and can be changed at any time. Changing your e-mail address will result in a confirmation e-mail being sent out. Any previously-entered e-mail addresses will not be stored on the server in a known way.

When you submit content for publishing, this content will remain on the server, probably indefinitely. In addition, it will forever be accessible to the public until "deleted." If content is "deleted" from the wiki, it will not be accessible to the public. However, the content will still remain on the server, and administrators will continue to have access to such information. This content remains on the server so in the event that content is accidentally deleted, the content can be restored. Administrators may look at, but will not maliciously utilize, any "deleted" content at their discretion.

Content hosted on The iPhone Wiki may also be subject to protection. If content is protected, it will continue to be accessible to the public. However, only administrators will be capable of modifying the content, until either (a) the page is unprotected, or (b) the protection expires (if an expiration date was set for the protection).

Administrators are unable to look up identifiable information, including but not limited to: your email address, your IP address, your location, or your password. However, they may still ban you based on your IP address. If you are banned, your content will still be available on The iPhone Wiki, until the content is deleted.