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7 years ago, I wanted to build a place where everything we know about the iPhone could be documented. Considering that it's gotten millions of hits and it's still here today, it has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. And I guess so has the iPhone, branching out into a sophisticated ecosystem spanning devices from watches to tablets.

I'm 25 now; I've moved on from the iPhone and hacking scene, and in to the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. It feels like a lifetime ago that I wrote the seed pages for this wiki. The world of jailbreaking, and the world in general, have changed so much in that short time. Who remembers life without a smartphone? (I'm actually rocking a Samsung a157 these days. Anyone want to write an Uber SMS API?)

This Wednesday, I pass theiphonewiki torch on to saurik, the creator of Cydia. He has done an amazing job keeping online a web presence that's far more sophisticated than this one, and I'm sure he'll do a great job running this site. Probably way better than me :P

From your perspective as a user, nothing should change. You'll still have the same great admins. It'll still be neutral. And it'll still be ad-free. Except maybe it'll be down less and upgraded more.

In hopes this site has many years ahead of it,