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** libusb
** libusb
** libreadline
** libreadline
== Is this project dead? ==
So is this project still alive or is it dead now?

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Q: Hmmm... I install Ubuntu 8.10 on Parallels Desktop on my MacBook Pro, I've downloaded all required files, but after I run command

sudo ./oibc

Terminal says that I type incorrect syntax... WTF?

A: First of all, OpeniBoot might not work under a virtual machine (Parallel Desktop). And you are suppose to use loadibec BEFORE oibc to upload openiboot on the phone. Be sure to send the file corresponding to your device.

Q: Of course I've upload patched iBoot before I've run ./oibc command... And iPhone show me "standard patched bootloader screen", where I choose console iBoot. And after this steps I've try to run ./oibc, but ... (see first q's)

A: So, you need to have a pwn iBoot (just jailbreak on 2.x and you'll be fine), if you use the files comming with the linux demo, make sure you are at 2.x+ (pwned 1.1.4 or 1.1.5 won't work). Be sure to upload the correct version of OpeniBoot (2g, 3g or iPod for the first gen iPhone, the 3g iPhone and the iPod Touch 1G; no support for the iPod Touch 2G, yet). After launching loadibec, check your device's screen to see wether you have the same image as in iPhoneLinux. Then you can launch oibc. Beware, after launching loadibec, the device is recognised as a different usb device, so you might need to load it in Ubuntu from OS X in Parallel Desktop options.

Q: I've got pwned iPhone 3G with 2.2.1 firmware. All steps I do with manual iPhoneLinux in hands... Before I run oibc, of course, I've connect "another USB device" to virtual machine (and disconnect it from main system). I've see picture like iPhoneLinux manual, but after I run oibc nothing happen...

You can also check out the required libraries (I just added the list to the installation section) on the article :

  • Required libraries (install as a package for Uuntu).:
    • libpthread
    • libncurses
    • libusb
    • libreadline

Is this project dead?

So is this project still alive or is it dead now?