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The TYPE tag is a 32-bit unsigned integer (uint32_t) that when viewed in little-endian format, states the type of firmware image the IMG2/IMG3/IMG4/IM4P file is. Is is compared with the second parameter of image_load (register r1[1]). If it does not match, image_load will fail and the image will not be loaded. If 0 is passed in r1, then the check is skipped.




  • Any: empty string (0x00000000)
  • AppleLogo: logo (0x6C6F676F)
  • BatteryCharging0 (charging – bright): chg0 (0x63686730)
  • BatteryCharging1 (charging – dim): chg1 (0x63686731)
  • BatteryFull: batF (0x62617446)
  • BatteryLow0 (empty): bat0 (0x62617430)
  • BatteryLow1 (red, composed onto empty): bat1 (0x62617431)
  • Dali: dali
  • DeviceTree: dtre (0x64747265)
  • DeviceTree restore: rdtr
  • Diagnostics: diag
  • Environment variables: ienv
  • FDR Trust object for AP: fdrt
  • FDR Trust object for SEP: fdrs
  • GlyphCharging: glyC (0x676C7943)
  • GlyphPlugin: glyP (0x676C7950)
  • Hypervisor/monitor: hypr
  • iBEC: ibec (0x69626563)
  • iBoot: ibot (0x69626F74)
  • iBSS: ibss (0x69627373)
  • Kernelcache: krnl (0x62736E6C)
  • Kernelcache restore: rkrn
  • LLB: illb (0x696C6C62)
  • NeedService: nsrv (0x6E737276)
  • OS restore image: rosi
  • PE’s RTOS environment: pert
  • PE’s Hammer test: hmmr
  • Ramdisk: rdsk (0x7264736B)
  • RecoveryMode: recm (0x7265636D)
  • SEP-Firmware (SEP OS): sepi (0x73657069)
  • SEP OS (restore): rsep
  • SiVal’s (Silicon Validation[1]) CFE loader: cfel
  • SiVal’s RBM test: rbmt
  • SiVal’s PHLEET test: phlt
  • tsys tester


  1. Apple on ARM __fastcall
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