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  • [[iPhone Dev Team]], jailbreaking, and reuploading the entire system partition from <code>/dev/rdisk0s1</code>.
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  • ...ates on [ their blog] that the SIM hacks they examined send illegal signals. select cellular network right from the start.) If your provider accepts the test IMSI code and does authentication with your MSIN (this implies, (real)
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  • [[iPhone Dev Team]] Installer, and update to 1.1.2 in [[iTunes]], and use the [[iPhone Dev Team]]'s jailbreak utility, [[touchFree]], written by [[User:Planetbeing|planetb
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  • ...ey]], [[User:planetbeing|planetbeing]] and [[User:MuscleNerd|MuscleNerd]]. The internal presentation is number 2976. The presentation explained the inner workings of the iOS architecture, its security, and how it was circumvented. [http://events
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  • ...r Kernel Exploit]] to achieve an [[untethered jailbreak]] on many devices. The following devices are supported: ...ated multiple times by [[User:Geohot|geohot]], using blog posts on his now private blog. [[User:Geohot|Geohot]] showed off a high-res picture of [http://1.bp.
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  • a [[GenPass]] GUI for Windows written by a group called The Private Dev Team.
    352 bytes (50 words) - 17:28, 9 October 2012
  • ...ware version on your device, even without having saved the [[SHSH]] files. The problem by doing so is that you actually install a firmware without signatu ...ipsw file with properly signed img3 files. This firmware file is used for the downgrade.
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  • ...ds the request for blob signing and the server returns the data, just like the original [[SHSH Protocol|SHSH protocol]]. ...ces with iOS 5 depend on the APTicket being legitimate to be able to boot; the device will enter [[Recovery Mode]] if it isn't.
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  • ...installed on non-jailbroken iOS devices. Using this to distribute apps to the public violates Apple's developer agreements and can get those certificates ...rpose, then mysteriously "went out of business" and started up again using the enterprise certificates for shadier purposes.
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