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  • '''iBoot''', also referred to as “iBoot second-stage loader” in the source code, is Apple's stage 2 bootloader fo</code> subdir, e.g. <code>Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.n81ap.production/iBoot.n81ap.RELEASE.img3</code>, where the "n81ap", "k90", etc.. are for the i-De
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  • ...ission checks in 1.0-1.1.4 iBoots, so it was exploitable to load a patched iBoot, but in 2.0 iBoots, this command has a permission check to make sure it is ...iPod touch]], and can be used to boot a modified 2.0+ [[iBoot (Bootloader)|iBoot]]. Therefore, it is still an open exploit for these devices.
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  • Recovery Mode is a failsafe in [[iBoot (Bootloader)|iBoot]] that is used to reflash the device with a new OS, whether the currently i or send the following commands to the [[List of iPhones|iPhone]] using a terminal
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  • ...r Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. It is able to talk to [[iBoot (Bootloader)|iBoot]] and [[iBSS]] and [[iBEC]] via USB. It's completely open source; the sourc Once it has spawned, you can type 'help' and iBoot will respond with its built-in command list.
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  • ==FULL information about iBoot's handling of crypted 8900 images== ...or 0x0220a0e3 or 0x0020a0e3 would take me to the MOV r2, #2 and MOV r2, #0 commands respectively, but if I found anything, it wasn't near anything that resembl
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  • ===Commands=== Reversings of various routines that relate to the iBoot flags in an effort to find out what does what.
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  • ...d two commands from what was presumably a DEBUG fused [[iBoot (Bootloader)|iBoot]]: arm7_stop and arm7_go. They were promptly removed in 2.2, but in 2.1.1 i ...yload for it to run, but one that patches [[iBEC]] or [[iBoot (Bootloader)|iBoot]] in memory would do fine.
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  • ROM:00000014 ; this patches the iboot flags to allow no range check, ...; no permission check for restricted commands, aes gid
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  • *Includes Terminal shell commands into the GUI. ** Untethered for iPhone 3GS devices with the [[iBoot-359.3|old bootrom]].
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  • ...n of the ramdisks in an [[IPSW File Format|IPSW]] file. The listed console commands are applicable to the [[S5L File Formats#IMG2|IMG2]] or [[IMG3 File Format| ...]]. The decryption key wasn't obscured however, and a simple analysis of [[iBoot]] by [[User:Zibri|Zibri]] revealed the [[AES Keys#Key 0x837|0x837 key]].
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  • * Use an exploit that Apple already knew about (newer [[iBoot]]s shows the exploit patched) Initializing commands
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  • ....0.1 or later). Currently available for Windows and Mac. It utilizes the [[iBoot Environment Variable Overflow]]. # purplera1n sends the enter recovery commands using [[MobileDevice Framework]]
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  • {{DISPLAYTITLE:iBoot Environment Variable Overflow}} This is an exploit in [[iBoot (Bootloader)|iBoot]]'s parsing of commands and environment variables.
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  • ...'''ingle '''S'''tage'') is a stripped down version of [[IBoot (Bootloader)|iBoot]], missing things such as interacting with the [[/|filesystem]]. Can be upl to Apple’s source code, ''“dongle products get an iBSS with all of iBoot’s recovery mode accroutements, EXCEPT for filesystem support”''.
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  • === Commands === * [[bootx (iBoot command)|bootx]]
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  • the [[kernel]] from [[NAND]] and executes it. The thing here is that [[iBoot]] checks signatures on everything. It checks signatures on the [[kernel]], ...ted. The [[Restore Ramdisk]] and [[kernel]] is also signature-checked by [[iBoot]], and [[restored]] itself signature-checks the [[ASR]] image in a [[NOR]]
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