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  • ...meone feels like editing the wiki so that the SHA1 strings become links to the right Google search results. Example: ...ple's links to download them expire over time. (A third-party site hosting the firmware is copyright violation, which is a big no-no.) --[[User:Dialexio|D
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  • [[iPhone Dev Team]], jailbreaking, and reuploading the entire system partition from <code>/dev/rdisk0s1</code>.
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  • ...ates on [ their blog] that the SIM hacks they examined send illegal signals. select cellular network right from the start.) If your provider accepts the test IMSI code and does authentication with your MSIN (this implies, (real)
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  • ...Currently I know Java and VB. I'm part of the Private Dev Team and Chronic Dev
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  • [[iPhone Dev Team]] Installer, and update to 1.1.2 in [[iTunes]], and use the [[iPhone Dev Team]]'s jailbreak utility, [[touchFree]], written by [[User:Planetbeing|planetb
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  • ...ey]], [[User:planetbeing|planetbeing]] and [[User:MuscleNerd|MuscleNerd]]. The internal presentation is number 2976. The presentation explained the inner workings of the iOS architecture, its security, and how it was circumvented. [http://events
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  • ...r Kernel Exploit]] to achieve an [[untethered jailbreak]] on many devices. The following devices are supported: ...ated multiple times by [[User:Geohot|geohot]], using blog posts on his now private blog. [[User:Geohot|Geohot]] showed off a high-res picture of [http://1.bp.
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  • ...l be ignored. Be sure to include your name and the username you request in the email, otherwise '''I will ignore your request'''. ...d to information regarding iOS; Ultimately planned to be a replacement for the iDecryptIt program.
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  • I'm enjoying learning about the highly technical side to the iPhone, but after what's happened with geohot, will this site continue? -- :Yes it will continue. I had the same question and [[User:geohot|geohot]] already answered that on [[User_ta
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  • a [[GenPass]] GUI for Windows written by a group called The Private Dev Team.
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  • ...ware version on your device, even without having saved the [[SHSH]] files. The problem by doing so is that you actually install a firmware without signatu ...ipsw file with properly signed img3 files. This firmware file is used for the downgrade.
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  • ...ds the request for blob signing and the server returns the data, just like the original [[SHSH Protocol|SHSH protocol]]. ...ces with iOS 5 depend on the APTicket being legitimate to be able to boot; the device will enter [[Recovery Mode]] if it isn't.
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  • [[Category:The Private Dev Team]] I can pretty much do any of the tasks you need that don't involve 8 months of my time
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  • [[Category:The Private Dev Team]] 2012, After which I decided to do Android Development. In Mid 2013 (at the time I am Writing this 7/21/13) I have decided to return to iOS Hacking.
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  • ...installed on non-jailbroken iOS devices. Using this to distribute apps to the public violates Apple's developer agreements and can get those certificates ...rpose, then mysteriously "went out of business" and started up again using the enterprise certificates for shadier purposes.
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  • ...category needed? It seems like the whole PrivateDevTeam does this just for the rep. --[[User:Haifisch|Haifisch]] ([[User talk:Haifisch|talk]]) 06:25, 22 F definitely '''WILL NOT''' just be the private dev team those where just the first names that came to mind given i worked with them for a couple years
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  • ...Phone) that the date wraps to two lines, which is almost always undesired. The question is if we should do that everywhere too? Additionally, as we now se ...d nothing (previewing on OS X). We should use the format I used throughout the wiki and not Dec 23, 2013 etc. --[[User:IAdam1n|iAdam1n]] ([[User talk:IAda
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