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The SightGlass icon

Sightglass is an application in SwitchBoard that shows up on newer prototype devices, not much is known about this application at this time, however it we know it launches scripts from a BurnIn folder, so that would lead us to think it somehow uses BurnIn.

Contents of the App:

  • ChicagoFLF.ttf
  • _CodeSignature
  • Info.plist
  • _internal_apps.png
  • PkgInfo
  • _internal_get_pedometer.png
  • ResourceRules.plist
  • _internal_help.png
  • Sightglass
  • _internal_reset_pedometer.png
  • Sightglass-Apps.plist
  • _internal_scripts.png
  • Sightglass-BootTasks.plist
  • _internal_sightglass.png
  • Sightglass-Help.plist