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This is the Application Processor shared between the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPhone 3G. Not much is known about it through official sources. This processor is not used in any of the newest devices, being replaced by the S5L8720, S5L8920, S5L8922 and S5L8930.

Firmware File Formats






Boot Chain

VROM (S5L8900)->LLB->iBoot->Kernel->System Software

One of the iPhoneLinux goals are to replace that Boot Chain after iBoot:

VROM (S5L8900)->OpeniBoot->Linux Kernel->X Server->Window Manager

Upgrade Process

Restore Mode

The common upgrade process chain is VROM->DFU Mode->WTF->iBoot->Kernel->Ramdisk->Restore Mode.

DFU Mode

To flash an older version of the iPhone software you have to let your phone reside in DFU Mode. In iTunes you have to press the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) when pressing 'Restore' to be able to manually chose an IPSW.

Boot Chain


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