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Hacked by Chroniccommand
The [[N72ap|iPod touch 2G]] bootrom runs on [[iBoot]] v240.4, which is from somewhere after 1.1.4 and after 2.0 beta 4. It maps itself to 0x0, and stores any global variables (Permissions flags, min / max addrs, image / bdev list, USB power on state, etc.) at 0x22000000.
===Firmware Parsing===
* It seems to only support AES-128 KBAGs, versus current iBoots which also support AES-192 and AES-256 KBAGs. Interestingly, it seems to make space for up to an AES-256 [[KBAG]] (0x30; 0x10 for IV, 0x20 for key) when creating a buffer for it, but the code itself does a check and will error if it is not AES-128.

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Hacked by Chroniccommand