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PurpleRestore is a cross-platform tool made by Apple and is used for flashing iDevices. Barely anything is known about it, this tool provides far more customization than iTunes.PurpleRestore-783.12 is the latest version

Reverse Engineering

This specific code is from iTunes. It will detect if PurpleRestore is running so that it does not interfere with any operations that PurpleRestore is performing.

+354 003d7808 c70424bc01d700 movl  $0x00d701bc,(%esp) com.apple.PurpleRestore
+361 003d780f e80c65c3ff     calll 0x10000dd20
+366 003d7814 84c0           testb %al,%al
+368 003d7816 7409           je    0x003d7821
+370 003d7818 c704246c8ba400 movl  $0x00a48b6c,(%esp) PurpleRestore is running, ignoring device
+377 003d781f ebd3           jmp   0x003d77f4
+379 003d7821 8d5de0         leal  0xe0(%ebp),%ebx
+382 003d7824 895c2404       movl  %ebx,0x04(%esp)