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Many prototype devices have leaked from Apple. Some of them are listed below:

iPhone Prototypes

MacRumors iPhone 2G

iPhone 2G Prototype

Jan 03, 2009:

Two iPhone 2G prototypes first reported by user Brooklyn8 on the MacRumors forums.

Prototype Comment
Serial Number YM650xxxxxx, YM649xxxxxx
Modem Firmware 03.06.01_G The firmware dump comes (in /usr/local/standalone/firmware/) with 03.06.00_G

Gizmodo iPhone 4

Gizmodo iPhone 4 prototype in disguise case

Apr 19, 2010:

iPhone 4 prototype first reported by Gizmodo. Brian Hogan, a 21-year-old student at the time, admitted to finding the phone at the Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City, California, after it was left behind by an Apple engineer named Gray Powell, and later selling it to Gizmodo [1]. The iPhone's diguise case didn't seem to have any special features, just two bar codes stuck on its back: 8800601pex1 and N90_DVT_GE4X_0493. Next to the volume keys there was an additional marker: iPhone SWE-L200221.

Prototype Comment
Model (back) XXXXX

N92 iPhone 4 CDMA

CDMA iPhone 4 prototype

Oct 19, 2010

CDMA iPhone 4 prototype first reported by with further details here and here.

64GB iPhone 4

64GB iPhone 4 prototype

Mar 8, 2011:

An iPhone 4 (GSM) prototype first reported by Further details on

Prototype Comment
Model No. (back) XXXXX Same as the one from Gizmodo.
FCC ID BCGAXXXXX Same as the one from Gizmodo.
IC ID 579C-AXXXXX Same as the one from Gizmodo.
Capacity 59.1 A 64GB iPhone 4 was never released.
Version 4.1 (8B117) The released iOS version comes with different Modem Firmware.
Carrier SMC-Voda 8.0
Model (in Settings) 995-6049LL Different to official numbering scheme of Models.
Serial Number 8800902DEX3
Wi-Fi Address 00:25:00:FC:F6:9D 00-25-00 is a prefix registered to Apple at IEEE.
Bluetooth 00:25:00:FC:F6:9C
IMEI 00 107200 281664 1
ICCID Empty ICCID is unusual
Modem Firmware 01.59 Based on the fact that prototype has the Modem Firmware for the XMM 6180 installed this defenitly is an 64GB iPhone 4 (GSM). However the iOS Version this device has installed (4.1) came oficially with Modem Firmware 02.10.04.

White Vietnamese iPhone 4

iPhone 4 prototype with Exposè-like multitasking

Apr 19, 2011:

First reported by and further discussed on This prototype shows an alternative, Exposè-like interface for switching between applications. The Exposè design is very similar to jailbreak tweaks like Multifl0w in the way it displays apps in the background through a preview of their actual windows, rather than simple icons.

Prototype Comment
Capacity 58.2GB The released iPhone 4 has a lower available capacity due to iOS taking up more space.
Version 4.0 (8A216) Never officially released.

US T-Mobile iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S prototype with N94 PROTO3 marking on the back

Apr 23, 2011:

This prototype first was reported by BGR.

Prototype Comment
Internal Model No. N94 Based on the N94 Sticker on the back this is an iPhone 4S, whose internal number is N94ap.

TD-SCDMA iPhone 4

China Mobile TD-SCDMA Prototype.

Jul 07, 2011:

iPhone 4 prototype first mentioned by (in chinese).

Prototype Comment
Carrier 中国移动 13.0 China Mobile 13.0. Officially there is only 中国移动 11.0 (China Mobile 11.0) available.
Model (in Settings) MC6?0?3CM Probably MC603 - black 16GB iPhone 4 would match, but CM is not officially designated Model Region code.
Serial Number 5K0????????
Wi-Fi Address 5C:49:48:??:??:?2 5C-49-48 is not a registered prefix at IEEE.
Bluetooth 5C:49:48:??:??:?1
IMEI 00 000000 000000 0 IMEI can't usually be 0.
ICCID 898?6? 0?0?10 8110 0136 3637
Modem Firmware 06.10.01 This Firmware was never released. Also it is unclear which baseband chip that prototype is using. The high version number suggest that possibly the X-Gold 608 is used. However the X-Gold 608 is not capable of CDMA.

Early iPhone 4

Prototype device image in iTunes

Jul 17, 2011:

Prototype device reported by which notably shows a different image when plugged into iTunes.

Prototype Comment
Capacity 28.60
Software Version 4.0
Serial Number 8894805????

White iPhone 4 DF3184

iPhone 4 DF3184

Aug 22, 2011:

A white iPhone 4 prototype first reported by Mathias Rios. The iPhone has a DF3184 printing at the lower front right side. Mathias Rios purchased it from ebay where it was listed as broken. Compared to an original iPhone4 (black) this prototype has a smaller back camera and the flash is also slightly further away [2]. In addition this protoype restore mode screen (Conncect to iTunes Screen) shows an old (iTunes9 - blue Note on CD) and pixalated iTunes icon [3]. This prototype come with a sticker on the A4 denoting it as Design Verification Test Prototype (N90_DVT_I_0010). Appearently the A4 is marked differently than the actual A4 chip in shipping iPhone, and has the same marking as earlier iPod Touches and iPhones (the "K4X2G643GE" marking).

Prototype Comment
Model (back) XXXXX Same as the one from Gizmodo.
FCC ID BCGAXXXXX Same as the one from Gizmodo.
IC ID 579C-AXXXXX Same as the one from Gizmodo.

San Francisco bar iPhone

Aug 31, 2011:

Probably an iPhone 4S prototype lost in a San Francisco bar first reported by CNET.

Brazilian 8GB iPhone 4

Brazil 8GB iPhone 4

Nov 24, 2011:

An 8GB iPhone 4 prototype produced in Brazil. First reported by This iPhone 4 also carries a Made in Bazil (Indústria Brasileira) and an Anatel marking (the Brazilian Telecom regulation body) with number 1465-10-1993 at its back.

Prototype Comment
Model (back) A1332
EMC (back) 380A EMC marking hasn't been seen before
Capacity 6.4GB
Version 5.0 (9A334)
Carrier Claro Brazil 11.0
Model (in Settings) MD198BR

iPod touch Prototypes

Early iPod touch 3rd Gen Prototype

iPod touch with Camera prototype

Apr 24, 2010

This iPod touch 3rd generarion prototypes where the first leaked ones to contains a camera (at that time iPod Touches did not). The prototypes where shortly available on eBay, but the listing (250617991364) was removed from eBay later. The devices contained DVT-1 and DVT-2 markings and also Apple Development Team barcode sticker with PT431668 numbering. At least one of the devices was running and Inferno 7C1095a. Further information here. iPod touch 3rd Gen Prototype

iPod touch with Camera prototype

May 19, 2010

iPod Touch Prototypes reported by

Prototype Comment
Model No. (back) A1318?
Capacity 64GB
Version 3.1
Serial Number ?

iPod touch 3rd Gen Prototype

iPod touch 3G prototype

Jan 24, 2012:

The iPod touch 3rd generation prototype was first reported by iOS hacker Sonny788. The iPod is running and Inferno 7C1023e. It has a N18-PreEVTb marking at the back.

Prototype Comment
Model No. MC008
Capacity 32GB
Version 3.1
Serial Number 8K91300XXXX
Wi-Fi Address 00:24:36:f2:87:b9 00-24-36 is a prefix registered to Apple at IEEE.
Bluetooth 00:00:00:00:00:00
iBoot iBoot-583.4