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Information about Prototype iDevices:

Gizmodo iPhone4

iPhone4 prototype first reported by Gizmodo. Brian Hogan, a 21-year-old student at the time, admitted to finding the phone at the Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City, California, after it was left behind by an Apple engineer named Gray Powell, and later selling it to Gizmodo. [1]

  • Model: XXXXX
  • IC ID: 579C-AXXXXX

San Francisco bar iPhone

Probably an iPhone4S prototype lost in a San Francisco bar first reported by CNET.

US T-Mobile iPhone

The N94 was first reported by BGR.

64GB iPhone

Probably an iPhone4S prototype first reported by

  • Capacity: 59.1

The finally released iPhone4s has a lower available capacity due to a bigger OS.

The officially released iPhone4s comes with iOS 5.0.

  • Carrier: SMC-Voda 8.0
  • Model: 995-6049LL

Different to official numbering scheme of Models.

  • Serial Number: 8800902DEX3
  • Wi-Fi Address: XX:XX:25:00:F6:9D
  • Bluetooth: XX:XX:25:00:F6:9C

White Vietnamese iPhone

First reported by and further discussed on

  • Capacity: 58.2GB
  • Version: 4.0 (8A216)

Never officially released build.


iPhone4 prototype first mentioned by (in chinese).

  • Carrier: 中国移动 13.0 (China Mobile 13.0)

Officially there is only 中国移动 11.0 available.

Officially CM is no designated Model Region code.

  • Serial Number: 5K0XXXXXXXX
  • Wi-Fi Address: 5C:49:48:XX:XX:X2
  • Bluetooth: 5C:49:48:XX:XX:X1
  • IMEI: 00 000000 000000 0

Officially can't be 0.

  • ICCID: 898?6? 0?0?10 8110 0136 3637