PeaceGSeed 16G5027i (iPad6,11)

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iOS 12.4b eta 2
Build 16G5027i
Codename PeaceGSeed
Device iPad (5th generation) (iPad6,11) (J71sAP) (J71tAP)
Download Firmware

Root Filesystem

Filename: 048-80921-012.dmg

  • Not Encrypted

Update Ramdisk (J71sAP)

Filename: 048-81265-012.dmg

  • Not Encrypted

Restore Ramdisk (J71sAP)

Filename: 048-80913-012.dmg

  • Not Encrypted

AOPFirmware (J71sAP)

Filename: aopfw-ipad6faop.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

AppleLogo (J71sAP)


  • Not Encrypted

BatteryCharging0 (J71sAP)

Filename: batterycharging0@2x~ipad.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

BatteryCharging1 (J71sAP)

Filename: batterycharging1@2x~ipad.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

BatteryFull (J71sAP)

Filename: batteryfull@2x~ipad.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

BatteryLow0 (J71sAP)

Filename: batterylow0@2x~ipad.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

BatteryLow1 (J71sAP)

Filename: batterylow1@2x~ipad.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

DeviceTree (J71sAP)

Filename: DeviceTree.j71sap.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

DeviceTree (J71tAP)

Filename: DeviceTree.j71tap.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

GlyphPlugin (J71sAP)

Filename: glyphplugin@2x~ipad-lightning.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

iBEC (J71sAP)

Filename: iBEC.ipad6f.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: 6b598a23bcc4b8449a6328fcb6c4bb08
  • Key: 1618a1e4bdcd9e8d5dbe777f0bb962844b8a015f21b229c1e2f85ec37f0c664a

iBEC (J71tAP)

Filename: iBEC.j71t.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: Unknown
  • Key: Unknown
  • KBAG: f82cd5904db534abd6f218c9d6ca327aa744895d65ba46d00b0def1fbda1d836c21fadf3ade6bd603935ea4c6529365b

iBoot (J71sAP)

Filename: iBoot.ipad6f.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: bff6412e78a030b1d2ff03350db620e8
  • Key: 146b42decb9850ba20e663c55528b349f57dc64314dcd3d7e40ddef94667e0cb

iBoot (J71tAP)

Filename: iBoot.j71t.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: Unknown
  • Key: Unknown
  • KBAG: 66805c9e1d8a9c35528e67cc74d5ccc90ff03a87cf71cc6c2ac700f809dee7710d59fce17148b21436216c73535e2b84

iBSS (J71sAP)

Filename: iBSS.ipad6f.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: e74fd06e51914ba023cdb775b90133a5
  • Key: be5d767c69559c47a342a2199dbeac5cc472bc25a8bf40a7f666032f731980f0

iBSS (J71tAP)

Filename: iBSS.j71t.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: Unknown
  • Key: Unknown
  • KBAG: 76070961d028d915b5c25a9d2fd91c61e1a6836dae34bee1f2367b439f269d578af0e3dfcbbdf39bc6cd1477afe4f7b1

Kernelcache (J71sAP)

Filename: kernelcache.release.ipad6f

  • Not Encrypted

LLB (J71sAP)

Filename: LLB.ipad6f.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: e930cf44dd53dcaa51fbeadc559d18e6
  • Key: 8fb6b100a7978975eced0de9e0c053bb1f024248d357b025b94aff4db2aed639

LLB (J71tAP)

Filename: LLB.j71t.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: Unknown
  • Key: Unknown
  • KBAG: 47c913abdc63f8759fe3da0076b7b0379b8feb5b78cc03975abb5d4bdd78f58f81fa942526aa3db723086efd80deeb36

RecoveryMode (J71sAP)

Filename: recoverymode@2x~ipad-lightning.im4p

  • Not Encrypted

SEP-Firmware (J71sAP)

Filename: sep-firmware.j71s.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: Unknown
  • Key: Unknown
  • KBAG: a5032e4b514115acefbe585bcd75e59fddc9a19b8b1ef61318fd21883c9eee52360b2fbb7585d7ec866f50bd1feab4b5

SEP-Firmware (J71tAP)

Filename: sep-firmware.j71t.RELEASE.im4p

  • IV: Unknown
  • Key: Unknown
  • KBAG: f05ed7eb9a99ebeb05c57e25cc686760a1a6eeeab00c515dc4c1e35088a4c2812e07a459ae5b5a46c94d003b7fa69a50