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pHaseBanDowngrader is a tool that allows the user to downgrade the iPhone 3G Baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00 with the Baseband Bootloader 5.8. This tool will not work with BL 5.9 or above.


Exploit: Geohot and iPhone Dev Team, independently
Patch Implementation: Geohot
Script: pH with thanks to EvilPenguin


pHaseBanDowngrader - by Pedro Henrique Cavallieri Franceschi. (a.k.a. pH).


Para rodar o pHaseBanDowngrader, conecte via SSH ao seu iPhone e copie a pasta baixada (phasebandowngrader) para dentro da pasta "/Applications" no seu iPhone. OBS: A pasta TEM que se chamar phasebandowngrader, com letras minúsculas!

Para rodá-lo, entre no MobileTerminal e digite "login". O usuário é "root" e a senha é "alpine" por padrão. Depois, digite: "cd /Applications/phasebandowngrader/" e, em seguida, por final, para rodar o downgrader, digite "./phasebandowngrader".

Para checar a versão do seu Bootloader, mais informações aqui: Baseband Commands

(rode o at+xgendata no minicom)


To run the pHaseBanDowngrader, connect to your iPhone via SSH and copy the downloaded folder (phasebandowngrader) into the "/Applications" on your iPhone. Note: The folder MUST named phasebandowngrader in lowercase letters!

To run it, open MobileTerminal and type "login". The user is "root" and password is "alpine" by default. Then type: "cd /Applications/phasebandowngrader/", then, to run the downgrader, type "./phasebandowngrader"

To check your bootloader version, install minicom and run at+xgendata (see Baseband Commands for more info)

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