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The firmware iOS runs on various different models of devices. This page is used to give an overview of the different model numbers. For the region please see Model Regions.

NOTE: The first letter may vary between "F," "M," or "P." "F" is used for refurbished units. "M" is used for typical retail units. "P" is used for personalized (engraved) units.

Device Type Generation Bootrom Cellular Radio Type IPSW Prefix Color Memory Model
iPhone iPhone 2G N/A Template:Wp m68ap iPhone1,1 metal 4 GB MA501
8 GB MA712
16 GB MB384
iPhone 3G N/A Template:Wp n82ap iPhone1,2 black 8 GB MB046, MB489, MB702
16 GB MB048, MB496, MB704
white 16 GB MB499, MB500, MB705
iPhone 3GS iBoot-359.3 Template:Wp n88ap iPhone2,1 black 16 GB MB715
32 GB MB717
white 16 GB MB716
32 GB MB718
iBoot-359.3.2 Template:Wp black 8 GB MC555
16 GB MC131, MC135
32 GB MC133, MC137
white 16 GB MC132, MC136
32 GB MC134, MC138
iPhone 4 iBoot-574.4 Template:Wp n90ap iPhone3,1 black 16 GB MC318, MC603, MC608
32 GB MC319, MC605, MC610
iBoot-574.4 Template:Wp n92ap iPhone3,3 black 16 GB MC676
32 GB MC678
iPod touch iPod touch 1G N/A N/A n45ap iPod1,1 metal 8 GB MA623
16 GB MA627
32 GB MB376
iPod touch 2G iBoot-240.4 N/A n72ap iPod2,1 metal 8 GB MB528
16 GB MB531
32 GB MB533
iBoot-240.5.1 N/A metal 8 GB MC086
iPod touch 3G iBoot-359.5 N/A n18ap iPod3,1 metal 32 GB MC008
64 GB MC011
iPod touch 4G iBoot-574.4 N/A n81ap iPod4,1 metal 8 GB MC540
32 GB MC544
64 GB MC547
iPad iPad iBoot-574.4 N/A k48ap iPad1,1 black 16 GB MB292
32 GB MB293
64 GB MB294
Template:Wp black 16 GB MC349
32 GB MC496
64 GB MC497
iPad 2 iBoot-838.3 N/A k93ap iPad2,1 black 16 GB MC769
32 GB MC980
64 GB MC916
white 16 GB MC979
32 GB MC980
64 GB MC981
Template:Wp k94ap iPad2,2 black 16 GB MC773
32 GB MC774
64 GB MC775
white 16 GB MC982
32 GB MC983
64 GB MC984
Template:Wp k95ap iPad2,3 black 16 GB MC755
32 GB MC763
64 GB MC764
white 16GB MC985
32 GB MC986
64 GB MC987
Apple TV Apple TV 2G iBoot-574.4 N/A k66ap AppleTV2,1 black 8 GB MC572

Unknown: MB719 (probably a 3GS model)