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Property lists named after the model number of the device they should apply to, divided in 2 or 3 sections:

  • capabilities for device names and available hardware & features;
  • iconState for the default application sorting (Settings>General>Reset>Reset Home Screen Layout) while the rest are sorted alphabetically, making it possible to make some applications "sticky";
  • ??? for importing another model definition file as a template; this applies recursively.

The model definition file seems to be missing in iOS 7, so any iDevices with iOS 7 as an initial firmware don't have this.

File names

Apple TV

Name Found in
K66AP.plist Apple TV (2nd generation)
J33AP.plist Apple TV (3rd generation) (AppleTV3,1)
J33iAP.plist Apple TV (3rd generation) (AppleTV3,2)


Name Found in
K48AP.plist iPad
K93AP.plist iPad 2 (iPad2,1)
K94AP.plist iPad 2 (iPad2,2)
K95AP.plist iPad 2 (iPad2,3)
K93aAP.plist iPad 2 (iPad2,4)
J1AP.plist iPad (3rd generation) (iPad3,1)
J2AP.plist iPad (3rd generation) (iPad3,2)
J2aAP.plist iPad (3rd generation) (iPad3,3)
P101AP.plist iPad (4th generation) (iPad3,4)
P102AP.plist iPad (4th generation) (iPad3,5)
P103AP.plist iPad (4th generation) (iPad3,6)

iPad mini

Name Found in
P105AP.plist iPad mini (iPad2,5)
P106AP.plist iPad mini (iPad2,6)
P107AP.plist iPad mini (iPad2,7)


Name Found in
M68AP.plist iPhone
N82AP.plist iPhone 3G
N88AP.plist iPhone 3GS
N90AP.plist iPhone 4 (iPhone3,1)
N90bAP.plist iPhone 4 (iPhone3,2)
N92AP.plist iPhone 4 (iPhone3,3)
N94AP.plist iPhone 4S
N41AP.plist iPhone 5 (iPhone5,1)
N42AP.plist iPhone 5 (iPhone5,2)

iPod touch

Name Found in
N45AP.plist iPod touch
N72AP.plist iPod touch (2nd generation)
N18AP.plist iPod touch (3rd generation)
N81AP.plist iPod touch (4th generation)
N78AP.plist iPod touch (5th generation) (Model A1421)
N78aAP.plist iPod touch (5th generation) (Model A1509)


Root/System/Library/CoreServices/ (Before iOS 7)