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<table border="1" width="100%"><tr>
<td style="background-color:orange; text-align:center; width:25%;"><b>[[Jailbreak iPhone2,1 / iPod3,1|Find bootrom exploit allowing unsigned code exec via USB (S5L8920+)]]</b></td>
<td style="background-color:orange; text-align:center; width:25%;"><b>[[Unlock 2.0|Break Chain of Trust (X-Gold 608)]]</b></td>
<td colspan="4">
</table><br />
* [[/|Filesystem]]
* [[Firmware]]
* [[Keys]]
* [[Protocols]]
* [[System Log]]
=== iPhone ===
* [[m68ap|iPhone (m68ap)]]
* [[n82ap|iPhone 3G (n82ap)]]
* [[N88ap|iPhone 3GS (n88ap)]]
=== iPod touch ===
* [[n45ap|iPod touch (n45ap)]]
* [[n72ap|iPod touch 2nd Generation (n72ap)]]
* [[N18ap|iPod touch 3rd Generation (n18ap)]]
==App Processor ([[Jailbreak]])==
The [[iPhone]], [[iPod touch]], and [[iPhone 3G]] make use of the [[S5L8900]] platform as application processor. Current models, such as the [[iPod touch 2G]] and the [[N88AP|iPhone 3GS]], use newer processors. The [[S5L8720]] and [[S5L8920]] are used, respectively. The [[N18ap|iPod Touch 3G]] operates using the [[S5L8922]] application processor. Here is where the [[Jailbreak|jailbreak]] applies.
==Baseband ([[Unlock]])==
The [[Baseband Device]] is where the [[unlock]] applies.
==Application Development==
* [[Toolchain]] (Includes tutorials)
* [[Toolchain 2.0]] (Includes tutorials)
* [[Frameworks]]
* [[MobileDevice Library]]
* [[Apple Certification Process]]
* [[Bypassing iPhone Code Signatures]]
* [[Distribution Methods]]
==Application Copy Protection==
* [[Copy Protection Overview]]
* [[Application Structure and Signatures]]
* [[Mach-O Loading Process]]
* [[Bugging Debuggers]]
* [[Jailbreak]]
* [[Activation]]
* [[Unlock]]
* [[Baseband Device|Baseband]]
* [[Baseband Bootloader|Bootloader]]
* [[DFU]]
* [[iBoot]]
* [[iBEC]]
* [[iBSS]]
* [[NORID]]
* [[CHIPID]]
Yea so this shiz gots hackedddddd
* [[Bluetooth]]
* [[Glossary]]
* [[Tutorials]]
* [[Useful Links]]

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This page got hacked by chroniccommand hahaha :P