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!Voice Controls
!Voice Controls
!GPS capabiltiies
|iPhone 2G
|iPhone 2G

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This is the original iPhone. It was released on June 29, 2007, it is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone designed and manufactered by Apple Inc, with a multi-touch screen. It does not have a physical keyboard, so a virtual keyboard is rendered onto the multi-touch screen. The iPhone functions as a camera phone, a media player and an internet client. The first generation includes Quad-Band GSM with EDGE, unlike the later versions with more advanced UMTS and HSDPA.


See: M68ap (Internals)[1]


The iPhone uses the S-Gold 2 baseband chip

Application Processor

It makes use of the S5L8900 application processor. At the time, the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch all use this same processor.


Uses the CSR BlueCore4 Chip (BC41B41)

Differences between iPhone Models

Device Case Material Colours Dimensions Weight Capacity Processor Speed RAM Battery Life Initial Firmware Camera Voice Controls GPS
iPhone 2G Aluminium Aluminium 4.5x2.4x0.46 in. 4.8oz. 4*/8/16**GB 412MHz 128Mb 24h (Music), 7h (Video) 1.0 (1A543a) 2MP No No
iPhone 3G Plastic Black/White*** 4.5x2.4x0.48 in. 4.7oz. 8/16GB 412MHz 128Mb 24h (Music), 7h (Video) 2.0 (5A345) 2MP No Yes
iPhone 3GS Plastic Black/White 4.5x2.4x0.48 in. 4.8oz. 16/32GB 620MHz 256Mb 30h (Music), 10h (Video) 3.0 (7A341) 3.2MP Auto Focus Yes Yes

(*) Discontinued on September 5, 2007 (**) Introduced on February 5, 2008 (***) 16GB version only

Jailbreak/Unlock Status

Naturally, as the iPhone 2G was a first generation device, it is one of the more hack-friendly iDevices. It is susceptible to Pwnage 2.0 for an untethered jailbreak, and will remain that way since it is a hardware-based exploit. The iPhone 2G unlock was also defeated. The iPhone Dev Team created BootNeuter which can remove restrictions the Baseband Bootloader imposes and unlock the iPhone 2G no matter what.

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