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iOS's XNU is largely stripped, and contains fewer and fewer symbols with its newer versions. Whereas in pre 3.0 most symbols were visible, nowadays only symbols required for KExt linkage remain so.

This page is started in the hopes of bringing together efforts of the various JBers so as to pool already symbolified sections of the kernel. Because addresses change along with the different builds, please add the symbols under the right kernel version (i.e. release + device). If not 100% sure about a symbol, indicate the level of confidence.

<thead> </thead> <tbody> The char[][] containing the textual names of all system calls </tbody>
symbol5.0.0 iPodT 4GNotes
sysent0x802CCBACThrough this you can obtain all of XNU's 438 system calls, e.g. _exit @0x8019DE04