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Craig Fox - CEO of WWJC

JailbreakCon or WWJC (Worldwide Jailbreak Convention; formerly MyGreatFest) is a convention centered around the iOS jailbreak community. The day after the first one was held, the name was changed from MyGreatFest to JailbreakCon (WWJC).

JailbreakCon New York, August 2013

This event was held at Radisson Hotel New Rochelle (New York) on 23/24 August. The first day was a developer workshop, and the second day was the main event.

Workshops (first day)

Jay Freeman (saurik), Britta Gustafson, and Ryan Petrich answered questions and taught aspects of developing and contributing. Most of this was not recorded, but there's some video of Ryan Petrich answering development questions.

Speakers (second day)

More videos

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JailbreakCon San Francisco, September 2012

This event was held at South San Francisco Conference Center on 29 September.

Speakers 2012

Videos 2012

Slides 2012

Articles 2012

MyGreatFest London, September 2011

This event was held at The Old Truman Brewery in London on 17 September.

Speakers 2011

Videos 2011

Slides 2011

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