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See also: Beta Firmware

This (will be) a documented list of known factory firmwares, used by Apple workers in California to do engineering tests on prototype devices and also by factory workers on production ones during manufacturing. Factory firmwares are based on production iOS ones, but adapted for internal engineering tests, development and debugging. Unlike production iOS firmwares, factory ones have the following differences :

  • Contain DEVELOPMENT Fused bootloaders in \Firmware\dfu\ and \Firmware\all_flash\all_flash.[board codename].factoryfa\.
  • Contain DEVELOPMENT Fused kernelcache.
  • Contain Skankwerk (gear) logo image file in \Firmware\all_flash\all_flash.[board codename].factoryfa\.
  • Have the /AppleInternal folder, which the hierarchy inside get priority over hierarchy in /.
  • Launch SwitchBoard instead of SpringBoard as User Interface.
  • /usr and subfolders contain many UNIX command line utilities.
  • SSH daemon is pre-installed.
  • It has some Private Frameworks in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks for internal GUI apps and command line utilities.
Version Build Codename Baseband SHA1 Hash Comments File Size Device
1.0 1A420 Alpine 03.06.01_G[1] 6e798e906c6590a7521ef89b731569be6d05b3aa Originally available here, but was soon taken down. 109,813,128 iPhone
4A57 ? ? Runs SwitchBoard, a simple launcher for other utilities. ?
3.1b 7C108b Sierra iPhone 3GS
Inf1 8A2062a Inferno iPhone 4
? 7C144 Inferno iPod 3G
7C1023e Inferno
8A2062a Inferno iPhone 4
6.0 10A23110z Inferno iPhone 5
7.0.3 11B64940j Inferno iPad mini 2
8.0 12A9331h Inferno iPhone 6