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Internal Legal Messages

INTERNAL INSTALL LEGAL MESSAGES are mostly shown on Apple internal development iPhones. They will be shown on the lockscreen of an iPhone and were first seen on leaked iPhone 4 prototypes in the USA and Vietnam. The messages can be shown if a the follwing folder is created:

/AppleInternal/Library/PreferenceBundles/Internal Settings.bundle.

After a rebooted the INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL_* messages will appear on the device.

The messages on the lockscreen can be modified if the file SpringBoard-Internal.strings is put into the following directory:

/System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard/<Your Language>.lproj/


"INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL_DECLARATION" = "Confidential and Proprietary";
"INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL_INSTRUCTIONS" = "If found, please contact";
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