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A universal GUI tool to jailbreak, activate, as well as unlock firmwares 1.1.4 and earlier, it also has some extra functionalities.

iLiberty was first developed as a personal tool for George Zhu himself, later it integrated iPlus (a CLI utility developed by AViegas) and became a public tool, its name was changed to iLiberty+. Features of iLiberty+ include:

  • Full range of iPhone hacking, including but not limited to jailbreak, activation, unlocking, 3rd party application installation, etc.
  • Fully script-driven, allow unlimited external payloads
  • iPod touch support (jailbreak and application installation)
  • Directly download missing payloads in GUI
  • Proxy support for payloads download
  • Support both Installer and Cydia
  • Automatic online update

iLiberty+ is available on both Windows as well as Mac OS X (named iLibertyX), the main developers are George Zhu, AViegas, francis, and pepijin, with help from many people in the community.

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