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Home Depot is a semi-untethered jailbreak for 32-bit devices on iOS 9.1 - 9.3.4. It was written by jk9357. It works by sideloading an IPA using Cydia Impactor. The latest releases, RC1 and above, support all 32-bit devices on iOS 9.1-9.3.4.

Version Change Log

Version Changes
"JailBreak" (first beta release) Initial beta release
"JailBreakMoreDevices" (second beta) More devices supported
"iPhone53932" (third beta) Fix for iPhone5,3 on iOS 9.3.2
"iPhone52932" (forth beta) Fix for iPhone5,2 on iOS 9.3.2
"Make Mexico Pay For It" (fifth beta) Experimental support for more devices
Revision 1 Initial release
Revision 2 Fix for Cydia not appearing
Revision 3 Real fix for Cydia not appearing
Revision 4 Fix for app crashing
Revision 5 Fix for tfp0
Revision 6 iPad 2 fix for some iOS versions
Revision 7 Fix for broken LwVM patch
Release Candidate 1
  • Added 3 bonus tracks to Mixtape Player: Lay Low, Purple Demo (KJC Edit), KJC Anthem Pt. 4 (Feat. Jailbreakbusters, Qwerty, Tihmstar & rg0rd)
  • Mixtape Player now displays song lyrics
  • Seek backwards in Mixtape Player to hear your favorite part of the track again
  • Rearrange tracks in Up Next in Mixtape Player
  • Fixes an issue where the volume slider in Mixtape Player would not appear on some devices
  • Fixes an issue where the Home Depot label would not be aligned properly while in the launch screen
  • Saves a jailbreak log, which is available in iTunes File Sharing
  • No longer extracts iosbinpack
  • No longer installs Droplets wallpaper
  • Treats "Enable Jailbreak" as "Prepare For Jailbreak" including re-extracting Cydia when file /.installed_home_depot is not present
  • Support for every 32-bit device on iOS 9.1-9.3.4 (Beta, requires internet connection)
  • Improved reliability on iPod touch (5th generation)
Release Candidate 2 Fix for Cydia not installing
Release Candidate 3
  • Improved reliability of re-extracting Cydia
  • No longer installs Dropbear
  • Fixes an issue with LwVM patch which would result in failure on iOS 9.3.1


On August 18, tihmstar released a untethered jailbreak (Based off of Home Depot) was released on tihmstar's APT repository entitled BetterHomeDepot.

Luca Todesco told people to not use this, as there is a risk of bootlooping your device (which will force you to restore to the latest firmware).

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