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These keys are for use with the 'vfdecrypt' tool to decrypt the main filesystem DMG found in every iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod touch .ipsw file. Every key will work on the main filesystem DMG for that build, regardless if it is for the iPhone or iPod touch unless specified. The DMG that you are after is the bigger one, in the case of current builds of 2.0, it can sometimes be 200+ MB!

VFDecrypt Usage

./vfdecrypt -i <dmg> -o decrypted_fs.dmg -k <key> or vfdecrypt.exe -i <dmg> -o decrypted_fs.dmg -k <key>


As you will notice, there may be a gap or two, or a key for a current build that is not there. Please feel free to add them, but please be sure that it is only the key for a User or Developer build, as if you gave the key for another type of build that might or may not be out there people could get in trouble, and we do not want that. Thanks for contributing!



See also

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