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This page is about an application with multiple firmware purposes. For the Firmware explanation, see Firmware.

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager X
F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager Logo.png
F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager X on Windows
Original author(s) GeoSn0w
Developer(s) GeoSn0w
Initial release GeoSn0w
Stable release X (30.0 WaterVille) / 7 Jan 2017; 7 months ago
Preview release 1.3 Beta (GUI) / 1 Jun 2015; 2 years ago
Development status Active
Written in C++, C#, Squirrel
Operating system Windows
Platform Windows
Size 13.30 MB
Available in English
Type CFW Creation, Restore, Patching, Decryption
License Freeware
Website F.C.E. 365 Website

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager X is a firmware manager program that performs multiple Encryption / Decryption / Patch or Restore processes for iOS firmwares. This application was created by GeoSn0w.

Details and Requirements

The application comes as a faster access route for the old CLI applications like xpwntool and libimobiledevice project. The application's main purpose is to bring access on CLI applications for firmware DMG Encryption / Decryption, ASR patching and restoring for persons that doesn't understand CLI applications.

This application is currently running on Windows only and requires .NET Framework installed on your computer to be able to run. Unlike other Firmware restore / Modify tools, F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager does not need iTunes to be installed.

Basically, the app uses xpwntool and especially dmg.exe to Decrypt the ROOT FS DMG file inside the .IPSW Firmware using appropriate Firmware Keys, then using the same keys it encrypts back your modified ROOT File System DMG. The same thing applies to ramdisk DMGs inside the IPSW Firmware. The application uses hfsplus to decrypt the ramdisk and allows you to create the patches for ASR, iBSS, iBEC and so on.

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager makes use of libimobiledevice, especially of idevicerestore CLI to restore an iPSW for your iDevice. The device selection is made by UDID and the restore options are: Erase Restore, Update Restore, Custom Restore, and Restore Latest Available. Due to libimobiledevice integration, this app does not require iTunes to restore the iPSW. SHSH Blobs are also fetched automatically by idevicerestore.

This app includes a tool for getting the phone out of Recovery Mode with one click. You can also put the iDevice into Recovery Mode with one single button! It also makes use of ideviceinfo to query all information about your device whenever you need it.

Using libimobiledevice, this application is able to query all information about the connected device, such as UDID, IMEI, WLAN Address, IDs, Settings, Activation status, Serials, Sim Status, Baseband, Versions of iBOOT, Baseband, iOS etc.

It also include a tool that brings you to Apple's official Activation Status Check page. You can check here the IMEI or Serial Number to make sure the iDevice you are buying is not iCloud locked!

Using the application you can also decrypt and patch all IMG3 files (like iBOOT, RecoveryMode, LLB, AppleLogo, etc.), DFU Files (iBEC, iBSS), KernelCache file and ASR.

The backup function allows you to create independent backups that does not interfere with iTunes ones so you can study the iOS backup system, trigger iOS hidden features by editing PLISTS and study potential exploits or glitches.

The Firmware Manager can also calculate OSVarSize value and the Base64 hash of a file. You can also detect if the device is in DFU Mode.

The application has a built in HEX viewer so that you can load files and see the hexadecimal output. You can also download parts of the IPSW without being required to download the whole IPSW file.

Versions and Updates

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager is currently on version 30.0, code-named "WaterVille" and is available for Windows. The development is in progress and the application will surely receive more updates soon.

What this app isn't?

This application IS NOT an iCloud Bypass app nor a downgrade tool. Also, this application is NOT a password cracker, a SIM unlocker, a passcode breaker or anything related to illegal actions. If you want to do any of these, this is not the suitable app for you.


Version Codename OS Download Changelog
X(30.0) WaterVille Windows F.C.E. 365 Secure CDN Download

Automatically builds Lilo App Version 3.0 for iOS. Bug fixes, Virtualization (where possible).

X(29.0) Bridge Windows [No longer signed]

General Improvements to the modules. Automatically builds Lilo App Version 2.0 for iOS.

X(28.0) Cattlefish Windows [No longer signed]

Automatically builds Lilo App for iOS, General Improvements to the modules.

X(27.0) JellyFish Windows [No longer signed]

Automated Setup.App Patch Creator Updates - General Improvements to the module - iOS Signing Status.

X(26.5) NightOwlMoon Windows [No longer signed]

Automated Setup.App Patch Creator - No More FREE SPACE FIX, General Improvements to the module.

X(26.0) NightOwl Windows [No longer signed]

Automated Setup.App Patch Creator, Hex Editor, Bug Fixes, General improvements.

X(25.0) RainyDay Windows [No longer signed]

Now can decrypt iOS 10, General improvements.

X(20.2) ApplePie Windows [No longer signed]

Download parts of the IPSWs, Bug Fixes, General improvements. iOS 10.0.2 ready.

X(20.0) Chernobyl Windows [No longer signed]

Improved UI, Built In HEX Viewer, Download IPSWs through the App, Enter in Recovery Mode, Diagnostics Access

X(19.0) Boulder Windows [No longer signed]

iOS 10.0.1 GM (Golden Master) Ready! Now you can restore on Windows through the app.

X(18.5) WhiteDoodles Windows [No longer signed]

Addresses a BUG on the ASR Patching engine.

X(18.0) Doodles Windows [No longer signed]

Updated keys for iOS 9.3.4 and iOS 9.3.3 | Compatibility updates.

X(17.5) WhiteDove Windows [No longer signed]

Updated LibiMobileDevice Kit | Compatibility updates.

X(17.0) WhiteWing Windows [No longer signed]

You can now see which iOS versions can be Jailbroken | Updated Engines| Compatibility updates.

X(16.5) Coleman Windows [No longer signed]

You can now retrieve AES keys from Wiki for both Encryption and Decryption modules | Updated Restore Module| Engine updates.

X(16.0) Dawn Windows [No longer signed]

Retrieve AES Keys automatically from Wiki | BUG Fixes | Engine updates | Stability Improvements.

X(15.0) TimeTravel Windows [No longer signed]

BUG Fixes | Detects devices in DFU Mode | Stability Improvements.

X(14.0) WolfValley Windows [No longer signed]

Improved User Interface | BUG Fixes | Calculates OSVarSize and Base64 of files | Stability Improvements.

X(13.5) Moonlight Windows [No longer signed]

New User Interface | BUG Fixes | Much Faster| Stability Improvements

12.0 Cloud 9 Windows [No longer signed]

New User Interface Improvements | BUG Fixes | Limera1n Exploiter | Stability Fixes

11.0 Linda Windows [No longer signed]

Now you can check for updates from inside the app. Bug fixes. Improved Stability. Fixed Windows 10 incompatibility.

10.4 FengHuang Windows [No longer signed]

Bug Fixes.

10.0 DeehDonna Windows [No longer signed]

Completely rewritten in a C-based programming language. Improved stability, new Booting UI, Bug Fixes.

9.0 Milan Edition Windows [No longer signed]

Added iDevice Tethered BOOT via OpenSn0w by @winocm. Now you can translate the app into your language; Bug fixes.

8.9.3 Spring Edition Windows [No longer signed]

Added iDevice Independent Backup function. Bug Fixes. Minor UI improvements.

8.1.2 California Windows [No longer signed]

Added IMG3 / DFU / ASR / KERNEL file Decryption and Patching feature! Bug Fixes. Minor UI improvements.

7.0.2 Charlotte Windows [No longer signed]

A lot of BUG Fixes, Minor User Interface improvements. Added new icon and fixed decryption issues.

6.0.2 Christmas Special Edition Windows [No longer signed]

BUG Fixes, Minor User Interface improvements. Updated F.C.E. 365 LIB Engine

5.0.2 Thanksgiving Special Edition Windows [No longer signed]

Added new features and some major BUG fixes

4.1.1 Santa Monica's Sunset Windows [No longer signed]

Major User Interface Update + Bug Fixes

3.4.1 North Carolina's Sky Windows [No longer signed]

Major update + BUG fixes

2.9.0 Mavericks Windows [No longer signed]

First release on the Wiki. Bug fixes.

1.0.2 Ohio Windows [No longer signed!]

The very first version of this application featuring F.C.E. 365 Flat UI.


All credits are in the "Credits" Tab of the app. If anyone was forgotten, please drop me a line on Twitter!

GitHub Repos

The source code for this program and components it uses is available on GitHub. It is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.

Copyleft of this page

Permission is granted for anyone to copy the content on this page under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA) and the GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL).

This statement was made as I've saw some issues on Wikipedia lately, as someone wanted to post about this app and it was issued as copyright infringement.