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The ECID (possibly standing for Exclusive Chip ID or Electronic Chip ID) is an identifier unique to every unit.

ECID looks like this: 00000XXXXXXXXXXX (hex)

Please be aware that some tools display the ECID in decimal format.

The ECID is a very important element in the SHSH Protocol

Get your ECID

Mac Instructions

  • Put your device in Recovery Mode or DFU Mode.
  • Open System Profiler. (in /Applications/Utilities/)
  • In the sidebar, go to "USB" (in the "Hardware" section)
  • Under "Serial Number", there should be a part called "ECID". There you go.

Windows Instructions

  • Put your device in Recovery Mode or DFU Mode.
  • Open Device Manager and right click on Apple Mobile Device (Recovery or DFU Mode) for properties
  • Click on the details tab
  • Click on the dropdown box and select Device Instance Path
  • You should find it in the textbox

Developer Instructions

Call the AMDeviceCopyValue function in the MobileDevice Framework with the "UniqueChipID" value. It returns the ECID as a CFNumber(kCFNumberSInt64Type) object.

Extract your ECID from an shsh

There are 19 blobs in an shsh,and the first line of every blob is the same as below:


The * part is the ECID(Dec) encrypted by a certain formula which is

a.Transform ECID(Dec) into ECID(Hex) such as 58608372174291 ---> 35 4D D3 34 4D D3

b.Reverse the ECID(Hex) string such as 35 4D D3 34 4D D3 ---> D3 4D 34 D3 4D 35

c.Transform the string we have got into binary such as D3 4D 34 D3 4D 35 ---> ÓM4ÓM5

d.Encode the binary with base64 such as ÓM4ÓM5 ---> 00000001

Use this formula backward (d. to a.) we can extract the * part into ECID(Dec).