Decrypting Firmwares

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Ramdisk on 3.x firmware (currently beta release) is a simple img3 file, that you can decrypt using img3decrypt. So you must download this utility. For easier access, put them in /usr/local/bin

In enter:

img3decrypt e restore_ramdisk.dmg restore_ramdisk_decrypted.dmg Ramdisk_IV Ramdisk_Key

Where restore_ramdisk.dmg is image of restore ramdisk (for example 3.0 beta 1 iPhone GSM firmware restore ramdisk is 018-4793-1.dmg), and restore_ramdisk_decrypted.dmg is decrypted image, that you can mount and explore from Finder. Ramdisk_IV and Ramdisk_Key is a decrypted keys that you can find in vfdecrypt page or in Info.plist from PwnageTool FirmwareBundles folder (when Dev Team include support for this firmware).