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=== Latest Version ===
=== Latest Version ===
* 1.1.3 for [[N88ap|iPhone 3GS]], [[N18ap|iPod touch 3G]], [[K48ap|iPad]], [[N90ap|iPhone 4 GSM]], [[N81ap|iPod touch 4]], [[N92ap|iPhone 4 CDMA]]
* 1.1.6 for [[N88ap|iPhone 3GS]], [[N18ap|iPod touch 3G]], [[K48ap|iPad]], [[N90ap|iPhone 4 GSM]], [[N81ap|iPod touch 4]], [[N92ap|iPhone 4 CDMA]]
* 1.1.4 for [[iPad 2]], [[N94ap|iPhone 4S]]
* 1.1.6 for [[iPad 2]], [[N94ap|iPhone 4S]]
* (unknown) for [[M68ap|iPhone]], [[N45ap|iPod touch]], [[N82ap|iPhone 3G]] (S5L8900 devices)
* 1.1.3 for [[M68ap|iPhone]], [[N45ap|iPod touch]], [[N82ap|iPhone 3G]] (S5L8900 devices)
* (unknown) for [[N72ap|iPod touch 2G]]
* 1.1.6 for [[N72ap|iPod touch 2G]]
* There is no version for [[K66ap|Apple TV 2G]].
* There is no version for [[K66ap|Apple TV 2G]].

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The icon for Cydia

Cydia is an open source application installer created by Saurik that uses the Debian APT system for package management. It is included with all iPhone Dev Team jailbreaks, and is found in every mainstream jailbreak tool (e.g redsn0w, limera1n, blackra1n, PwnageTool, sn0wbreeze, greenpois0n, Spirit, Star) since iOS 2.0. However, some jailbreak tools install lighter apps (such as Loader.app (greenpois0n) or blackra1n.app (blackra1n and limera1n)) to download and install Cydia directly on the device, instead of having it installed at the same time as jailbreaking, making for a lighter download and jailbreak.

Latest Version

Installed Packages

With the Absinthe jailbreak, the following packages are installed by default with Cydia:

  • APR (/usr/lib)
  • APT 0.7 (apt-key)
  • APT 0.7 Strict (lib)
  • Base Structure
  • Big Boss Icon Set
  • Bourne-Again SHell
  • bzip2
  • Core Utilities (/bin)
  • Corona 5.0.1 Untether
  • Cydia Installer
  • Cydia Translations
  • Darwin Tools
  • Debian Packager
  • Debian Utilities
  • Diff Utilities
  • Find Utilities
  • GNU Privacy Guard
  • grep
  • gzip
  • LZMA Utils
  • New Curses
  • PAM (Apple)
  • PAM Modules
  • pcre
  • Profile Directory
  • readline
  • sed
  • shell-cmds
  • system-cmds
  • Tape Archive
  • UI Kit Tools

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