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"Drag To Unlock" screen. Text is "Drag To Unlock" and "Shut Down"
After "Drag To Unlock" screen, when you "Drag To Unlock", you get this screen. In order, "Start Burnin", "Reset Test Enviroment", and "Quit"

BurnIn is codename for a tool used by Apple. Nothing is really known about it, but somebody on Hackint0sh got their iPhone back with BurnIn on it, suggesting that it is a diagnotstics or a repair tool.

What it does

An anonymous source has informed me that this is how it works. Apple restores a special firmware to the iPhone, but it is based of a regular firmware. At boot, /AppleInternal/Applications/SwitchBoard/BurnIn.app/BurnIn will run. It checks /AppleInternal/Diags/purpleskank/config.plist for configuration information, such as version (1.3.0 in this case), where to store the logs (/Library/Logs/BurnIn/ in this case), what level to set the backlight to, and also, some kind of cleanup script is defined (/AppleInternal/Diags/Utilities/burnin_cleanup.sh). What it actually does is still not known though. Two log files are also left by it, by doing whatever is done :P They are /Library/Logs/BurnIn/burning_log.xml and /Library/Logs/BurnIn/burnin_log.txt.

Spotted on Ipod Touch

The day of the launch, a shitload of Ipod Touches shipped with burnin on it. In order to get it off them, you just did a restore. A few of these were sold on Ebay.