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The SoC in each device have an AES coprocessor with the GID-key and UID-key built in.

Running The Engine

Currently, there are four ways to run the hardware AES engine:

  • Use the AES payload released on OpenPwn.
  • Patch iBoot to jump to aes_decrypt.
  • Use OpenIBoot.
  • Use the crypto bundle provided in XPwn to utilize it via userland. This method requires a kernel patch.

If you want to decrypt IMG3 files you need to use this. The GID-key currently has not been extracted from the phone, so the only way to use it is on the phone itself.

See Easier method of getting Img3 Key / IV for an iBoot patch.

Key 0x837

Generated by encrypting 345A2D6C5050D058780DA431F0710E15 with the S5L8900 GID-key to get 188458A6D15034DFE386F23B61D43774

It is used as the encryption key for IMG2 files. With the introduction of IMG3 in 2.0, KBAGs are now used instead of the 0x837 key.


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