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This folder is where ramdisks are uploaded. It contains important files like mount, launchd, and fsck. Used during boot. If you uninstall sbin (package sbin) through Cydia or apt, the device will go into a boot loop. Only a restore can get you out as the partition cannot be mounted without mount.



  • (none)


clri, dmesg, dump, dumpfs, dynamic_pager, fsck, fsck_hfs, fsck_msdoc, fstyp, fstyp_hfs, fstyp_msdos, fstyp_ntfs, fstyp_udf, fstyp_ufs, halt, launchd, mount, mount_cd9660, mount_devfs, mount_fdesc, mount_hfs, mount_kernfs, mount_msdos, mount_null, mount_procfs, mount_synthfs, mount_union, newfs, newfs_hfs, newfs_msdos, nologin, pfctl, quotacheck, reboot, restore, tunefs, unmount