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This is where all of the pre-installed native apps, as well as native jailbreak apps (from Cydia and elsewhere), are installed. They can't be deleted under normal circumstances. One can delete them on a jailbroken device through some sort of file-management tool such as SSH or iFile, although doing this is highly unrecommended as they can't be re-installed. Cydia will move this directory to the user partition and create a symlink to it.

/Applications --> /var/stash/Applications.*****

NOTE: In the title, the asterisks represent randomly generated characters that are generated when the folder is created and symlinked

App Store apps are installed by iTunes in the /var/mobile/Applications folder.


This directory typically contains only application bundles.


Native apps

Folder name (generic) Folder name (iPad version) Folder name (Apple TV verson) Application name 1.x 2.x 3.x 4.x Description
AdSheet.app AdSheet~ipad.app No Apple TV Version No No No Yes Hidden app for iAd support (Both included on iPad)
AppStore.app AppStore.app No Apple TV Version App Store No Yes Yes Yes Client for the App Store
Calculator.app No iPad version No Apple TV Version Calculator Yes Yes Yes Yes Calculator. Icon evolved over major OS releases. Landscape scientific mode added in iOS 2.0.
Camera.app No iPad version No Apple TV Version Camera Yes Yes Yes Yes Camera. Included in MobileSlideShow.app until 4.0
Compass.app Included, but not accessable No Apple TV Version Compass No No Yes Yes Compass. Only available on qualifying devices.
Contacts~iphone.app (MobileAddressBook.app before iOS 4) Contacts~ipad.app No Apple TV Version Contacts Partial Yes Yes Yes Contacts.
DemoApp.app DemoApp.app No Apple TV Version Yes Yes Yes Yes Displays a video continuously when the device is not being used. Invoke with a file called Demo.mov in the user directory (/private/var/root for iOS 1.1.2 and lower, /private/var/mobile for iOS 1.1.3 and later). Used by Apple Stores.
FieldTest.app FieldTest.app (3G only) No Apple TV Version Yes Yes Yes See notes Hidden app for checking network parameters; Can be accessed by dialing *3001#12345#*; Retired in 4.0, returns in 4.1 providing only the cellular network RSSI display. iOS 4.2 brings all features back.
GameCenter~iphone.app GameCenter~ipad.app No Apple TV Version Game Center No No No 4.1+ Game Center.
iOS Diagnostics.app iOS Diagnostics.app No Apple TV Version No No No Yes This can be accessed through Safari; just type diags:// into the URL bar.
iPodOut.app iPodOut.app No Apple TV Version No No No Yes Hidden app for iPodOut functionality with third party equipment such as car entertainment systems. Provides a media selection and notification view interface through the video output.
No iPhone or iPod touch version No iPad Version Lowtide.app No No No Yes The Apple TV's equivalent of SpringBoard.
Maps~iphone.app Maps~ipad.app No Apple TV Version Maps Yes Yes Yes Yes Maps.
MobileCal.app MobileCal.app No Apple TV Version Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes Calendar.
MobileMail.app MobileMail.app No Apple TV Version Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes Mail. Largely unupdated until iOS 4.
MobileMusicPlayer.app MobileMusicPlayer.app No Apple TV Version iPod; Music; Videos Yes Yes Yes Yes iPod/Music/Videos. Uses the Application Roles feature to have more than one icon.
MobileNotes.app MobileNotes.app No Apple TV Version Notes Yes Yes Yes Yes Notes.
MobilePhone.app No iPad version No Apple TV Version Phone; FaceTime Yes Yes Yes Yes Phone and FaceTime on the iPod touch. Uses the Application Roles feature to have more than one icon.
MobileSafari.app MobileSafari.app No Apple TV Version Safari Yes Yes Yes Yes Mobile Safari web browser.
MobileSlideShow.app MobileSlideShow.app No Apple TV Version Photos Yes Yes Yes Yes Photo Albums, camera and video camera.
MobileSMS.app No iPad version No Apple TV Version Messages; Text (iPhone OS < 2.2.1) Yes Yes Yes Yes SMS and MMS.
MobileStore.app MobileStore.app No Apple TV Version iTunes 1.1 Yes Yes Yes iTunes Store and Ping.
MobileTimer.app No iPad Version No Apple TV Version Clock Yes Yes Yes Yes World Clocks, Alarms, Stopwatch and countdown Timer.
Nike.app No iPad Version No Apple TV Version Nike+iPod No 2.2.1 Yes Yes Nike+iPod. Only on applicable devices (iPod touch 2G, iPhone 3G, and newer).
Preferences.app Preferences.app No Apple TV Version Settings Yes Yes Yes Yes Settings.
Stocks.app No iPad Version No Apple TV Version Stocks Yes Yes Yes Yes Stocks. Updated in iPhone OS 3.0.
TrustMe.app TrustMe.app No Apple TV Version No No No Yes Related to SSL and certificates.
VoiceMemos.app No iPad Verion No Apple TV Version Voice Memos No No Yes Yes Voice Memos. Requires encode-aac capability and a microphone.
Weather.app Weather.app No Apple TV Version Weather Yes Yes Yes Yes Weather. Short of fast app switching support, this app was never updated!
Web.app Web.app No Apple TV Version No No Yes Yes Runs fullscreen web apps.
WebSheet.app WebSheet.app No Apple TV Version No No Yes Yes Used for overlaying web data. Usually for logging in to Wi-Fi Hotspots which use forced webpages to request user data.
YouTube.app YouTube.app No Apple TV Version YouTube Yes Yes Yes Yes Watch YouTube videos

Unofficial apps

These application bundles are not present on an unmodified system and are generally installed via a PC utility, manually or through a package.